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Boobs attractive

xXx Images Boobs attractive.

How many times have we seen a man talking to a curvaceous woman only to have her point to her own eyes and say "Hey, buddy, up here! It's Boobs attractive -- or, at least, it was funny the first dozen times we saw it -- because it's true.

The male eye does have a way of drifting south.

Why are heterosexual men so fascinated by Boobs attractive breasts that we sometimes act as if the breasts are the seat of the soul? Well, we happen to be heterosexual men. We also happen to be men interested in biology -- one of us, Larry, Boobs attractive one of the world's leading experts in the neuroscience of social bonding.

So we've been thinking about this, and, in our new book, The Chemistry Between Us: Love, Sex, and the Science of Attractionwe propose an answer.