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Wife ass fucker tumblr

Porn Pics & Movies Wife ass fucker tumblr.

Somewhat classy, but deep inside, you have sick twisted fantasies and it makes you wet, just knowing how filthy you really are.

How no one has a clue about it. You know you are sicker and filthier than most girls. Even while you function and do your daily chores, being filled, fucked and used is the only thing on the back of your mind.

Sex is the only thing on your mind. Just need the right man to use you and keep you on his leash, all day long. Being treated like trash.

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Treated like a fucking sex object with all dignity and self respect taken away. You have a Husband.

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A lover, yet here you are. Cumming to rough, degrading porn. To women being used like shit and half wishing it was you. Fucking need to cheat on him secretly and be used. You need daddy to use you like you were made to be used and cheating only makes this cunt drip more. No strong father figure in your life?

Even when you had one, you were neglected. Making you attracted towards a Wife ass fucker tumblr father figure from an early age.

You want to be controlled, from what you think about to what you wear. Tasks and rules complete you.

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You want to be brainwashed. You act normal, but deep down inside you just want to be an owned, braindead sextoy. Once a good girl, now reduced to nothing but a vacant look and gaping holes.